NameDate SuggestedSymbolBuy Price on dateWhere to buyWalletPrediction / Buy up to
Bitcoin07/02/2018BTC7200Any exchangeAlmost any wallet. Rumors to be 50k by Jan 2019
Litecoin06/02/2018LTC130Coinbase, Independent Reserve, Coinspot, BTC MarketAlmost any walletRumors to be 600 by Jul
NEO02/12/2017NEO32Binance, Bitfinex, BittrexNEON Wallet, LedgerThere was a rumor for it to be $200 by end of Feb 2018, we shall find out soon
OmiseGO02/02/2018OMG11Binance, Bitfinex,BittrexMyetherwallet, Ledger, ExodusBuy up to $20
Cindicator08/02/2018CND0.19BinanceMyetherwalletBuy up to $0.30
Bluzelle04/01/2018BLZ0.42BinanceMyetherwalletI consider this as a good project - Hold for now
Etherium04/12/2017ETH460Any exchangeAlmost any wallet. Strongest platform in cryptocurrency now. Hold for now
Gifto20/Feb/2018GTO0.48BinanceMyetherwalletRumors to be over 0.8 in a month or so.
* Prices are in USD
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Ok in previous update we talked about Buzelle, and it has hit the market 2 days ago and gained over 60% in 3 days. ( If you are still thinking of buying, you should wait for a the dip which will happen eventually/hopefully. )


Refereum is also sold out and they had an interesting announcement :

Community interest to participate in our token sale outstripped our wildest imagination. Over 150,000 people registered for our whitelist. And total requested purchases for our technology exceeded 1,000,000 ETH ($800,000,000 USD).



The important dates for the favorite ICOs of 2018 :

  • experty/ 14 Jan
  • bluzelle/ 18 JAN
  • CoinVest / 8 Feb
  • STK token /14 Feb
  • Token sale dates will be announced in Q1 2018
  • Refereum One with lots of potential for gaming industry

04th of Jan: Bluzelle 

Very interesting project! It will be in my favorite list for 2018! Very strong & low risk

27 Dec: Nucleus is an end-to-end technology solution that captures and provides previously inaccessible data to retailers and other ‘brick-and-mortar’ businesses through its proprietary blockchain and real-time sensor technology.

We are seeing a very high rate hype on this. Medium risk and medium growth is expected from this ICO.

Team Members Size : 30

20 Dec: Telegram is opening its way to Crypto: